eBIC - The SBIC Virtual Biological Inorganic Chemistry Meeting

As ICBIC20 has been postponed to 2023, SBIC will host a virtual Biological Inorganic Chemistry meeting (eBIC) during July/August 2021 to ensure that our community can remain connected and active through this period. More details will be announced in due course on the webpage and via the newsletter. We plan for a continuous presentation of seminars, posters and the general assembly over a 48-hour period in order to serve our international community equitably and fully. We plan that this event will be made available free of a registration fee to all SBIC members.


eBIC International Organizing Committee

  • Vincent L. Pecoraro (SBIC President, USA)
  • Sue Berners-Price (SBIC Past President, Australia)
  • Charles Riordan (SBIC Treasurer, USA)
  • Christian Hartinger (SBIC Secretary, New Zealand)
  • Hugh Harris (Organizer ICBIC20, Australia)
  • Andy Borovik (Organizer ICBIC21, USA)
  • Paul Walton (Organizer ICBIC 22, UK)
  • Celine Marmion (SBIC Council, Ireland)
  • Liliana Quintanar (SBIC Council, Mexico)
  • Hongzhe Sun (SBIC Council, Hong Kong)
  • Clotilde Policar (SBIC Council, France)
  • Mi Hee Lim (S. Korea)
  • Elzbieta Gumienna-Kontecka (Poland)